How to Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain and Back Pain

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easy tennis ball back pain fix

If you have pain in your back or sciatic nerve issues, I have found a nice technique that has helped me using a tennis ball. As a stay-at-home mom of 5, I find my self sitting a lot. I am either helping with homework, waiting for the babies nap to finish or keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard while they play. Excessively sitting is a leading factor to this kind of pain around your hips. It also carries over to making you walk differently and causing even more problems in your back. Watch this quick 5 min video where you learn how to use a simple Tennis ball to relieve this pain.

In the second video illustrates a one minute daily stretch to reduce sciatic pain.

Don’t forget that depression and anxiety tend to reduce or slow down the body’s way of self healing, some good relaxing can do wonders. One of my to-do lists items is getting into Yoga, I dont know anything about it but studies have show that people who engaged in 16 weeks of yoga saw pain reduced by 64 percent (PAIN journal.)

Please leave prescription painkillers as a last resort, in this age the big pharmaceutical companies love getting new customers. There are a number of great natural remedies you should look into.

Have fun, be safe and listen to your body.  Please share this with any and all of your friends that might benefit from a little tennis ball therapy!

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