wrapping paper isnt recyclable

I’ve come up with a few ways to be more environmentally conscience this holiday season with what you use to wrap gifts. Wrapping paper is often dyed, laminated and/or contains non–paper additives such as gold and silver coloured shapes, glitter, plastics etc which cannot be recycled. … A lot of wrapping paper has sticky tape attached to it which makes it very difficult to recycle.   So most of the fancy stuff is a no no if you are trying to be good to the environment. Some creative ways that I have…Continue Reading “Wrapping Paper is not always recyclable, creative ways to get around it.”

essential storage tote by thirty one

Only recently I discovered that China used to buy 75% of all the recyclable material from the United States, now they are barely taking in more than 3%.  This is alarming because not only do we have barely any idea what to do with everything but its starting to fill our landfills and really cripple the recycling programs. A ton of paper used to sell for 150$ a ton to China, now India buys it for only 13$.   I learned this when my husband started…Continue Reading “Alarming news, Call to Action to start using reusable bags”