Alright, it has been 24 hours from Part 1 and I am super excited to strain my cold brew. Are used a large glass measuring bowl with a strainer on top, and the cheese cloth on top of that. I just pour the liquid out and if any of the coffee grounds came out they were immediately caught by the cheesecloth. I ring out the cheesecloth to make sure that I got out all of the coffee brew. I then simply threw away the cheesecloth….Continue Reading “Cold Brew Part Two”

I am a coffee lover!! I look forward to a LARGE cup every morning before, during and after my hectic morning routine. Lately, I have been hearing so much about cold brew coffe, and I just had to try it for myself! First, I read a bunch on Pinterest about the perfect cold brew recipe. I was a little hesitant at first because it seems like a long process. However it took me less than five minutes to put everything together and begin the brewing…Continue Reading “Cold Brew Part One”