diy cheap kids room Frameless-Photos wall gallery

Here is a fun and easy idea to do for the kids room.  Instead of investing in some night lights, why not put those christmas lights to work year around.  Especially when kids like to change their minds on how their room is going to look or what pictures they want to hang on the wall.  It also makes for a great bonding rainy day project to spend time with your daughter, try getting a photo printer of amazon and let them print all their…Continue Reading “DIY: Cheap and East Picture Gallery for your wall”

lush bath bomb turtle slime for kids

I always enjoy finding fun, inexpensive and new things to do with my kids. Having five kids makes it really hard to do big expensive adventures all the time. During a recent trip to the mall I had to pop in to LUSH cosmetics. If you’ve never heard of LUSH, they sell and array of organic beauty product and also these incredible bath bombs. They have ones with glitter in them, they all smell amazing, and they also do you special ones for the holidays….Continue Reading “The Turtle Slime Bath Bomb from L. U. S. H. “