My #1 favorite activity to do for myself is tied between getting my nails done and TAKING A BATH!  That warm feeling just flowing around me is heavenly. It relaxes every bone in my body, relieving the stress of standing on my feet, and lets all the stresses of life just disappear. That being said here are some of the benefits of the almighty bath. A hot bath can cure your pains; Warm water helps speed up the expulsion of lactic acid, which is the…Continue Reading “Benefits of a hot bath, more to love about soaking.”

essential storage tote by thirty one

Only recently I discovered that China used to buy 75% of all the recyclable material from the United States, now they are barely taking in more than 3%.  This is alarming because not only do we have barely any idea what to do with everything but its starting to fill our landfills and really cripple the recycling programs. A ton of paper used to sell for 150$ a ton to China, now India buys it for only 13$.   I learned this when my husband started…Continue Reading “Alarming news, Call to Action to start using reusable bags”

holiday safety tips 2018

Keep your Situational awareness when out shopping, criminals are cowards and look for easy targets most of the time. Remove the row Column: 1 Column: 2 -Don’t park in areas that may put you at higher risk. -Try and scan crowds often for lurking or shifty body language. -Watching to see if someone has been hovering around you in multiple instances. -Keep your eyes on the hands, you can keep the surprises minimized by watching their primary forms of attack so maybe you will be…Continue Reading “Megans safe holiday shopping tips 2018”

easy tennis ball back pain fix

If you have pain in your back or sciatic nerve issues, I have found a nice technique that has helped me using a tennis ball. As a stay-at-home mom of 5, I find my self sitting a lot. I am either helping with homework, waiting for the babies nap to finish or keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard while they play. Excessively sitting is a leading factor to this kind of pain around your hips. It also carries over to making you…Continue Reading “How to Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain and Back Pain”