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Here is a fun and easy idea to do for the kids room.  Instead of investing in some night lights, why not put those christmas lights to work year around.  Especially when kids like to change their minds on how their room is going to look or what pictures they want to hang on the wall.  It also makes for a great bonding rainy day project to spend time with your daughter, try getting a photo printer of amazon and let them print all their…Continue Reading “DIY: Cheap and East Picture Gallery for your wall”

mason-jar-lanterns diy

Twist twine, or picture hanging wire around the neck and then make a small handle straight up.  Fill the jar partway with rocks, marbles or whatever no flammable item that matches your theme, drop some tea lights into it.  This is great for outdoor picnics. Another Great project for this is to make these same mason jars into citronella candles, here are some parts you need to make a citronella candle. Mason jars Pre-made wicks Sturdy tape of hot glue Soy wax Citronella oil (look…Continue Reading “Mason Jar candle holders DIY”

Alright, it has been 24 hours from Part 1 and I am super excited to strain my cold brew. Are used a large glass measuring bowl with a strainer on top, and the cheese cloth on top of that. I just pour the liquid out and if any of the coffee grounds came out they were immediately caught by the cheesecloth. I ring out the cheesecloth to make sure that I got out all of the coffee brew. I then simply threw away the cheesecloth….Continue Reading “Cold Brew Part Two”

I am a coffee lover!! I look forward to a LARGE cup every morning before, during and after my hectic morning routine. Lately, I have been hearing so much about cold brew coffe, and I just had to try it for myself! First, I read a bunch on Pinterest about the perfect cold brew recipe. I was a little hesitant at first because it seems like a long process. However it took me less than five minutes to put everything together and begin the brewing…Continue Reading “Cold Brew Part One”