My Husbands Thirty-One Christmas Gifts for his Travels

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As expected my husband has been on the naughty list but that only concerns Santa.  This year was the year to update his Travel Bags.  He has been using the same matching set of Thirty One duffel bags for years.  Just so happened that I was able to earn enough to get my family gifts and have left overs for him to update all this bags.  It took all my strength to keep them a secret for as long as I had them but here they are.

Thirty one Gifts - Mens Travel Bag

These are all done with custom rationalizations in the Charcoal CrossHatch

thirty one gifts mens bag
All Packed Duffle – Charcoal Crosshatch Item Code: 8319
thirty one gifts mens bag - meganvanorden
Hanging Traveler Case – Item Code: 8161

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