Benefits of a hot bath, more to love about soaking.

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My #1 favorite activity to do for myself is tied between getting my nails done and TAKING A BATH!  That warm feeling just flowing around me is heavenly. It relaxes every bone in my body, relieving the stress of standing on my feet, and lets all the stresses of life just disappear.

relaxing bath thirty one

That being said here are some of the benefits of the almighty bath.

  1. A hot bath can cure your pains;
    Warm water helps speed up the expulsion of lactic acid, which is the chemical that makes you feel sore after a work out. It also increases Lymph flow, drawing blood towards the skin surface and away from joints.  This not only helps reduce inflammation but its gets the blood circulating which is very important to your overall health.
  2. It will help you breath easier;
    Steam from a hot bath assist in widening your nasal passages.  This helps relieve a wheezy chest and congestion.  For an added bonus, put a few drops of spearmint essential oil in the bath water.  Surprising, but certain parts of your immune system functions are more efficient when they are warmed up.
  3. Soaking in water can help stimulate your brain;
    Adding a few stimulating smells to the steam that comes from the warm bath helps in a number of ways, if you drop a few essential oils like lavender to reduce stress, tea tree for energizing effects or lemon oil for a great mood lifter.
  4. Baths can help relieve skin conditions;
    Standford researchers found that baths in .005% bleach helped people who suffer from eczema.  It killed the bacteria on the skin and by dampening the immune system’s inflammation response, reducing pain and swelling.  Its not recommended if you don’t suffer from this, so be very careful.
  5. Good bye bloating;
    A great detox and overall feel better additive is adding Epsom salts to the bath.  The magnesium sulfate draws fluid and makes unwanted curves start to thin out.  This dehydrating effect inhibits a good bit of inflammation that causes serious pain.  Be careful, being dehydrated to much can have negative effects but done right you’ll feel down right amazing after a steamy detox bath.
  6. A hot bath can help you sleep;
    Baths cure insomnia, research has proven that sitting in a warm bath raises your temperature slightly, but when you climb out it rapidly returns to normal.  The sudden cool down mimics the natural body heat drop that happens just before you go to sleep. So your brain is tricked into producing melatonin, a hormone that makes us fall asleep.  Don’t massively overheat yourself, though, or you’ll find you are doing the opposite.
  7. Being horizontal helps your mood?! generally making you happier;
    Get you mind out of the gutter, but don’t, you body naturally associate with the horizontal position gets you in the mood to relax. In 2002 Wolverhampton University found that the bath significantly improved the mood and optimism of participants.
  8. Relax!
    Clear your mind and let yourself enjoy nothing.  Sometimes taking a bath with your significant other can really be a nice romantic time, Its the first thing my husband and I do when we do our annual Vegas trip!

Las Vegas Vacation with thirty one gifts

Some of my Relaxing bath MV essentials!

Added Bonus Tips:
Another trick to keeping the bath hotter for longer is taking a bubble bath, this acts as an insulator.

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