Alarming news, Call to Action to start using reusable bags

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essential storage tote by thirty one

Only recently I discovered that China used to buy 75% of all the recyclable material from the United States, now they are barely taking in more than 3%.  This is alarming because not only do we have barely any idea what to do with everything but its starting to fill our landfills and really cripple the recycling programs.

A ton of paper used to sell for 150$ a ton to China, now India buys it for only 13$.   I learned this when my husband started talking about how his new years resolution is going to start making sure he uses reusable bags almost exclusively but he is starting now!  That really hit me on his proactive approach to the situation, and makes it even more of a great time to take advantage of all these sales on the Thirty-One Bags that are perfect for this,

Watch this video from a few months ago that explains everything, it is scary to see these pictures.  Ive included a link to the reusable shopping bags and a video I did on the size.  Let me know what you think, and message me to get an order going!


I am also going to be making it a habit to start buying a few other earth friendly items, here is a list of those things.  Hopefully it helps you!

Bi0-Degradable Trash bags.

biodegradable trash bags


Another great way is I stopped just buying one time use reusable water bottles, I bought these for the kids.
water bottle for kids - thirty-one

My water bottle is Clearly Fit for a queen, So I had a Stainless Steel Tumbler Painted for myself, Which keeps my Iced Coffee nice and cold!
megans coffee cup - thirty-one

Our family also got a Britta water filter too.  Green of course to match all my kitchen accessories!

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