The Turtle Slime Bath Bomb from L. U. S. H. 

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lush bath bomb turtle slime for kids

I always enjoy finding fun, inexpensive and new things to do with my kids. Having five kids makes it really hard to do big expensive adventures all the time. During a recent trip to the mall I had to pop in to LUSH cosmetics. If you’ve never heard of LUSH, they sell and array of organic beauty product and also these incredible bath bombs. They have ones with glitter in them, they all smell amazing, and they also do you special ones for the holidays.

lush bath bomb for kids

My son and I were back to school shopping and of course we got drawn in to LUSH by the really cute bath bombs that were in the window. They had a super adorable turtle and they advertised that it was a slime bath bomb. We had to see what this was all about!! I don’t know about you, but my kids are super into making slime. For my son the thought of frolicking in a bathtub filled with green slime was one of the most exciting things he’s experienced in his eight short years of life. So for eight dollars I bought this adorable turtle slime bath bomb.


We use the bath bomb tonight and as with any LUSH product we were not disappointed. Not only was our bath bomb adorable and beautifully fragrant, it followed through on its promise to turn our tub into a green slimy paradise. My kids really enjoyed squishing it around in their hands and passing it back-and-forth to each other. It made bath time really fun and it also contained them in one single play space for over an hour. We decided to turn the tunes on and have a dance party as we squished and splashed around in our slimy green “lagoon”.

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